Holà que tal? Happy New Year, i come back here with my new article about this amazing trip in the cosmopolitan capital of the Spanish region of Catalonia, the city renowned for his art and architecture with the Hotel Barcelona Hotel and Transavia. Between the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, The Tibidabo, The Casa Gaudi and other iconic buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona presents several remains of the ancient Roman city. Not to mention the tasty Spanish food, between “patatas bravas and tapas” Welcome to Spain.

Viva España!

For people who didn’t know, the history of this city is back to the end of the century of the 1st century BC. Jc. The Roman colony was founded under the name Barcino. During more than 200 years, Barcelona was under Muslim domination and with the Reconquista, it is the conquest of the Muslim kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula by the Christian rulers.

In the past, the city was an economic and political center of the Western Mediterranean. Around the twentieth century, one of the most famous and renowned architects of this period, Antoni Gaudi, which is the greatest author of works known worldwide. Today, tourists visit every year its most emblematic works of the country like La Casa Milà (also called the Pedrera), Casa Batlló or the temple of Sagrada. In terms of language, there is a specific language, Catalan (a mixture of French and Spanish) and Spanish. The majority of people living in Barcelona are bilingual. You will find indications of transport in Catalan throughout the city. There are many restaurants especially in the center that have menus in various languages.

In general, what I like about the Spaniards is their sociability. Do not be afraid to ask! They will help you orient yourself. Many Barcelona residents understand English and French. (Although I really like Italy, I must admit that it is not the same level of understanding). You will find below a vocabulary table to give you an idea of ​​the similarities that can be found between Spanish, Catalan and French.

Enamoré Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is a great city for his neighborhoods. Every neighborhood has their restaurants, cafes or tapas bars. In general, Spanish people prefer to invite their friends to the restaurant rather than invite them to their home. Indeed, going to restaurants in Barcelona is simpler and in terms of budget and much cheaper.

So don’t hesitate to explore this city. If you are lucky enough to be near the Spanish Steps on Avenida Del Paral El (Parallel Avenue), you will find many cheap restaurants to eat good tapas, fish and seafood. have tried some restaurants despite being invited to the hotel Universal Barcelona.

What we can remember from Barcelona is a city that is open, offering several different cuisines, Mediterranean, international, local or vegetarian.

Now let’s talk about things to see in Barcelona: visit the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, La Pedrera or La Casa Bastilló. You are in the city, you must at least see one of the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi the best known Catalan architects. There is of course the famous Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, ​​for the most adventurous and adventurous Mountain Tibidabo to 512 meters high, the largest in the city with its natural park Collserola; this should give you a breath of fresh air. Of course Montjuic is one of the iconic mountains of the Barcelona skyline. Finally the beach of Barcelona known for its fishing boats and restaurants all along the harbor. You will see for yourself it’s soothing, the smell of the sea and the sounds of seagulls will be at the rendezvous. We can only be in love with such a city. At night, we also like going out, dancing. This city has a range of nightlife, bars such as Coctelerias, cocktail bars, Xampanyarias and whikerias, bars where you can enjoy Catalan champagne or other varieties of alcohol. There are, of course, clubs all over the city. Geographically, there are really no rules for going out. All places are good for going out at night with friends or family. Information to remember, the evenings begin at 22 hours for bars, midnight for nightclubs. They close very often around 2 hours during the week and the week until 3 hours. Boxes rarely close before 6 o’clock in the morning.

I hope this makes you want to come to Barcelona. Need some information? Questions I can answer? Leave me a little comment at the bottom of the article, I will be happy to answer you, see you soon in The Charles Diaries.

Good deals

As usual I put the scale to give you an idea, again this is my point of view. You are free to make your own opinion once there.

* no price / quality ratio

** poor value for money

*** is expensive but worth it

**** good value for money

***** Very good value for money

Places and Museums

  • Sagrada Familia ***
  • Casa Mila ****
  • La Pedrera ****
  • Park Guell *****
  • Casa Bastillo ****
  • Cataluña Square ***
  • The Tibidabo Mountain ****
  • Montjuic **
  • Spanish Steps
  • The Ramble
  • Triumphal arch

Restaurants & Hotels

  • Para Lel restaurants *****
  • Celery ***
  • Can Penida *****
  • Can vallès ****
  • Dos Palillos ****
  • My Vela ****
  • Hotel Universal Barcelona ****
  • SoHo House ***
  • Aibnb ****
  • Guest house****

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