I am a Parisian boy of 23 years old, young worker in international trade. I am fortunate to have a large part of my family living in the four corners of the world between Europe, through Africa but mainly in the United States. I have traveled extensively. I also lived in Chicago for 5 months to pursue an intensive language course before starting my studies in communications, marketing and social média.

Having a special interest in photography, music, cinema and cooking, I love discovering new cultures, moreover travelling through unknown regions by studying it. It is a real passion, from Paris to Washington, Rome, Florida, Spain, Chicago (obviously), London, Amsterdam and so much more.

A multitude of things sharing my travels, experiences, different collaborations, my passion for photography that involves my countries and places traveled, my favorite restaurants.

Let me invite you guys to discover my diary.

Between inspiration, fashion, food, travel, discoveries or even music, welcome to my world “The Charles Diaries”