1 – What is my favorite color ?

Everyone knows red and blue are my favorite colors.

2 – What is my dream job ?

My dream job is to be a singer.

3 – What are my main qualities ?

I’m honest, friendly, faithful and cheerful.

4 – What are my main flaws ?

I’m kind of narcissistic and sometimes too chatty.

5 – Things that I hate ?

I don’t like hypocrites people, and lies.

6 – Things that I love ?

I love my family, my friends, and open-minded people. I truly love chocolate, sing (because I sing all the time), read books, watch some movies and a lot of series. Also love new technologies and work out at the gym.

7 – Which music do I like ?

I like R’n’B, rap, french music, old classic music. pop, techno, house and funk.