You’ll find below the various collaborations and influence marketing agencies that I’ve had in the past, with also a list of all my most relevant collaborations and partners.

This is a way for me to thank you all graciously.


American Outfitters, Amazon, Airbnb, ASOS , Apple, Bam Karaoké, Boohoo Men, Bigmama Group, Booking, Bershka, Barbara & Zacari, Colette, Cartel Agency , Champagne Jm Goulard, Citadium, Daniel Wellington, Disney France, Diesel, DpAgency, DJI Global , Drone Indoor , Estée Lauder, Eleven Paris Officiel , EasyFlyer, EasyJet , Emilie Tranquille, Ellis Gourmet , Five Guys , FujiFilm, Garancia Beauty, Glamglow, GoGlazed, Gap, GQ Magazine, Heaven Agency,  Hamptons Social , Huawei , Hapsatousy, Heineken , H&M Men,, Interférence Press, Influencers Alliance InstaxHq, Jeepers Peepers Officiel, Kollabs Studios, Kôme Officiel, Levis, La Reserve Paris, Laurent & Co, Le Grand Rex, Le Saint Paris, La Boutique Officiele, Lumee Case, L’Oreal Men, Marvel Studios, Martini France, Marty and Gus, Mophie, Native Nation, Nike,  Nikon Europe, Ogilvy Agency, Okko Hotels, Octoly, Pascale Venot, Primark, Pull and Bear , Philips, River Island, Reech,, Studio Valmy, Skincover Case, Tailify, TripAdvisor, Tactical Digital Agency, The Hoxton Hotel, Tommy Hilfiger, Vetterwiew, Walt Disney Compagny France, Warner Bros , Yves Saint Laurent , 7am Collection…etc

How I have had collaborations?

First of all, I’d like to remind you guys, by my status as a digital influencer on Instagram. Most of the brands came to contact me through my Instagram or by e-mail, or even on my other social networks. That’s the birth of my collaborations. Then of course the bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, will recognize themselves. We of course go through influencer marketing agencies these are marketing and communication agencies (that are there to identify relevant influencers and evolve these influencers in the world of digital and social media).

What’s be digital influencer?

For my part, It’s a person who monetizes his influence through creative partnerships with brands that everyone knows or that most people like. The influencer knows perfectly every social medias he use and brings his creativity for several campaigns, it can also influence a lot of people in his community or around the world, also free to work with brands, companies he likes and on campaigns that he likes as well. Clearly, that’s the heart of the creativity. (Nope.. I’m not actually talking to myself in third person be sure of that because this message could be badly interpreted) Just something you should know that having this status is not just to have gifts all the time that’s a lot of work, which means requires a lot of patience and time as being a creative person and this kind of thing, is unfortunately not given to everyone.

“Works hard pays off”

Awww, there we go! Generally, all brands are working differently most of the time many give you whatever you want for free in exchange for visibility on social networks: it means brands come to you they have some instructions to give, if instructions are respected to the letter at this time then you are paid in cash via PayPal, bank transfer yes i know that’s the good part I’m not going to lie (sounds like a dream) until you realized that begins to get real, of course I’m not able to tell you exactly how high it pays me but the only thing i can say it’s a good exchange of good processes i post or write a article about a brand I get paid. Obviously i am doing this in parallel to my studies and my work but I seriously intend to do be my job. This is a way also to me to speak out, have fun and get to be creative with respect to our community and at the same time I’m learning all the workings of the communication, marketing and social media.

Make difference between reality and fake

Obviously when I started, I wanted to have collaborations with everyone so I accepted a lot of collaborations that did not necessarily more. That is why in retrospect I am selective it must not lose sight of that I have my universe and that I will not do like everyone else to know what I call “placement of products” because a lot of influencers or even celebrities who go on to reality TV and become influencers doing that kind of thing and it becomes repetitive. He indoctrinates you everyday with all their products that put on their Instagram page that most do not even use… it should be known (for those who do not know it) it’s just to make it money on people. That’s worse. I chose not to do it so I prefer to clearly focus on what it matter which is things I like and that my community will like.

PS: Do not trust every bloggers, Influencers , YouTubeur…some buy their products say afterwards that these are collaborations or others don’t buy their products, and tell you after they bought it.

We are not all alike.