Welcome to Pink Mamma: Buon pomeriggio a tutti, salve!
When Italy is back in Paris for a 6th round. The team Big Mamma got this new restaurant into a very well known district of Paris in Pigalle with a building pinkish stacked on 4 floors! Yes this is not a joke you read well. Inevitably, it became a habit for me to go there couple times and it was absolutely necessary that I mention it into an article.

After Ober Mamma in Oberkampf, East Mamma to Bastille, Mamma Primi in Bagnitolles, Big Love Caffè in the Marais and Popalare in Bourse. Obviously, the Big Mama team does not stop the challenges. They open a new restaurant (the sixth) called “Pink Mamma” in the street of Douai in Pigalle. Obviously, they aim even higher with a trattoria on 4 floors with a canopy. The first time I found this restaurant I was totally seduced by its pink bricks and ivy clad on the entire building. For those who follow me on the networks I have no secrets for you (you’ve already been able to see it). There is a charm that settles in and of course you immediately catch the inside. Once inside, I find that each floor of this restaurant has an atmosphere, a different identity and a different decoration in pastel colors, green, blue, but also in yellow tones with flowery tapestries or ubiquitous flowers in particular in the sublime canopy into the last floor (the fourth floor).


Inside of this trattoria

On the first floor, there is a huge open kitchen with a huge barbecue (like 3 meters long) For the amateurs of meat you will be well served. You have the choice between the T- Bone Steak (1kg) is like a rib of beef but in addition cooler and thicker cooked on the grill, it is the Tuscan tradition or even Tomahawk Steak (1,3kg). Tasting level the meat is tasty and tender. You should also know that the team breeds and feeds their own cows to have a corn-fed meat. Meat that is also matured for at least 30 days and they use a mix of cherry wood, quebracho to give a fabulous taste to the meat that is for the moment incomparable. Anyway, we ask for more!

Note: Finally, it is a meat of corn-fed quality tender, matured at least 30 days with a fairly reasonable price. Because it is true that today let’s be honest if you want good meat without hormones and others it’s almost non-existent and /or it costs 2 times more expensive.


Nevertheless, I reassure you the Pink Mamma also serves delicious antipasti, traditional pizzas, and a few pasta well found. One thing is sure is a good deal. That’s not all, for those who are not very meat I reassure you there is for everyone. You’ll be spoiling yourself with really fresh dishes such as the special burrata (Merde- Caprese – Mare) of choice if you are rather burrata with tarragon, olives taggiasche & olive oil – Candied cherry tomatoes & watermelons – anchovies and free poutargue you decide. For gourmands know that you have the choice between taking one burrata, 2 or 3 to vary the pleasures. YUMMY YUMMY ! the black truffle tartare of Molise, Italian pasta of smoked burrata, saffron cream, zucchini flowers, fried sicilian sage, mascarpone and many others … Speaking of pizzas napoletanas “al forno a legna which means wood-burning oven.
The appellations of the pizza are really original and authentic we have the classical pizza the margarita “Mammargherita“, The four cheese called “Power 4“, and others like “Norma makes videos“, “Mom is out in Pigalle” “4 pamadori“,or even “Regina of the night” I let you imagine and discover by yourself which pizzas is it. They are all equally succulent of each other.


Between Desserts and wines

Want to go there? Are you already full? This is not finished. Not at all believe me let’s go to desserts! We start slowly with the Passionemisu a tiramisu revisited with the fruit of passion, mango and a tip of tea matcha. The famous Italian Sundae based fior di latte, crunchy house brownie, gianduja and raspberries. Elton Mess (Elton John of the pavlova) with a meringue, yogurt ice cream, strawberries and red fruit coulis. Lots of desserts to discover some of them are rather hearty be sure you’re still hungry … There is a proverb known in Italy that is “A good dish without a glass of wine it’s like a sunless day ” I love that one. For wine enthusiasts you will be served in good and due form. The Big Mama team has a cellar with very good wines coming from Tuscany or Sicily.


Well, it is an address impossible to circumvent. A no-fault for me in terms of Italian gastronomy, the service is great, value for money and this atypical place. The only negative point is about the queues sometimes long between two dishes. For what it’s worth, the rest i’ll let you discover all by yourself. For those who follow me on the networks have seen in my instastories or snapchat the famous secret room of the Pink Mamma passing by a brief cold room I say no more … For the curious people who are already hungry full of clichés of desserts, dishes and entries to discover on the website. Make sure to check it out!

I hope the article has you more. I look forward to reading your comments. A very nice day!

20 bis rue de Douai 75009 Paris – 9th.
From Monday to Friday – 11.45 / 14.15 & 19.00 / 22.45.
From Saturday to Sunday 12h00 / 15h15 & 19h00 / 23h00.

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